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One of the joys for members in School Lodges is the opportunity to renew old friendships. Although many old friends can be found within Freemasonry, in Britain, the opportunities to be reunited with school friends are world-wide.  This is especially the case with the Millfield Lodge for the school has always had a high proportion of pupils from overseas. Since the consecration of the Lodge in the summer of 1998, (see memoirs) there have been two successful visits to foreign parts. We hope that in this way the Millfield Lodge can continue to provide many opportunities for 'Old Millfieldians', of all ages, where ever they live, to make new friends or be reunited in old friendships.

Future Journeys At some point in the future, it is hoped to travel to Newfoundland,  to visit one of our Founder Members. Not only is he a Founder of the Lodge but he is a founder pupil of Millfield School, being the 7th pupil as far back as 1935. He has offered to preside over a week of true New World hospitality with, for those fearless seafarers, whale watching one of the options for entertainment. No doubt the members will again be joined by their wives, Masons and non Masonic guests, for another adventure to a far off place, meeting new friends and hopefully a few 'Old Boys' (Millfieldians) as well. Once we have decided a suitable date we will inform all the members.

Hong Kong  The first, in January 1999, saw a party of seven lodge members, accompanied by friends and wives, visiting Hong Kong. There, a former pupil of the Preparatory School, the District Grand Master for Hong Kong, welcomed the party and arranged a week of interesting and varied activities. They visited three of the local lodges and attended white table dinners specially organised so that the ladies could join in the festivities. All the party also enjoyed the usual tourist activities which included a fascinating trip to mainland China. There were other non-Masonic activities too, most notably a reception held for all the Old Millfieldians and their parents living in the colony. Thus our party was able to meet up with many people who enjoyed strong links with the school. 

Singapore   Later that year, in December, a smaller party made up again of members, guests and wives ventured off to the Eastern Archipelago and another visit was made, this time to Malaysia. The party again enjoyed some wonderful Masonic hospitality, visiting various lodges and chapters, and the ladies were also entertained at an amazing banquet. It was again an opportunity to meet with former pupils of the school and many new friends were made.

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