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Last year, the ninth in our history, witnessed great strides forward for the Millfield Lodge. The social highlight of the year was the ‘white table’ dinner held at the Crossways Hotel, near Glastonbury. Over eighty Masons, their ladies and non Masonic guests were entertained firstly by a small group of the school’s best young musicians. After the excellent dinner there were informative and lively speeches by the Headmaster, Peter Johnson, and the Secretary of the OM Society, John Davies.

The Masonic highlight was the initiation of a new member at the Crossways meeting when the lodge was honoured by the presence of the present and past Provincial Grand Masters for Somerset and many distinguished local Masons among our guests.

The ninth Master, Andrew Selby (Keens Elm 1985-90), was installed into the chair by the retiring Master, Chris Harding (Staff 1980-2007) in London in June. Andrew has great ideas for a Masonic weekend in Spain to stamp his hall mark on his year in office.

In the past many members of the lodge have been honoured for their Masonic work. This year Tudor Morgan (Etonhurst 1970-71) was promoted to Senior London Grand Rank as a visiting officer with responsibility for four lodges. Graham Best (Day 1953-62) has been promoted to Junior Grand Deacon in the Province of Surrey and Stephen Gould (JK 1981-84) has been appointed Grand Steward for the year in the Province of North Wales. These honours reflect the high esteem in which our members are held by their respective provinces.

The best news of all is that we have received indications from three Old Millfieldians that they wish to become prospective members. This reflects the healthy situation of the lodge which is open to all old boys, masters, parents of Millfieldians and others associated with the school. Please view our website at  All enquiries to the school representative, Chris Harding, on

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