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The Instalation meeting was held at MArk Masons Hall on the 28th September 2013 where the outgoing Master W Bro A Sadler installed V  W Bro Rev Andrew Davey GChap into the Chair of our Lodge. It was a great event attended by many friends old and new.

The Lodge had also in attendance the Metropolitan Deputy Grand Secretary W Bro John Wood who was please to hear the names of three new candidates for Initiation being read out. The Lodge agree the expense of a replacement Warrant, the original having disappeared.

A new Secretary was appointed by the new WM who is W Bro Steven R F Thomas. His address is Moor Farm, Dunsford, Nr Exeter BR7 6AG. Mobile Phone 07887 600 396. e mail

There is talk of an emergency meeting in November about the 30th so keep your eyes and ears open for news.

Contacting old pupils and friends -Your editor has through Friends Reunited been contacted by  2 old house mates from Etonhurst. One is living in the USA but does come "home" often, and one lives and works in Singapore and is also a Mason. How do I know this. Well I put the Lodge web address in my write up. I have also put that address in with my details for the school as well. There is another name I recognise so I will contact them as well. While on this subject I have been in contact with Frazer who emigrated to Australia. Should any Australian Mason in the Sydney / Darling Point area read this please contact us as he is looking to join a Lodge over there. News in is that Frazer has found a Lodge and became a joining member last year.

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